What is Privacy-Tag?

Privacy-Tag is a new solution for invasion of privacy, which is a specific symbol including privacy policy of an Online Social Network(OSN) user. OSN users can buy a tag / tag package, or print it by own printer. They can wear it like an accesory. As a result, their privacy is protected from unintentional revelation by other users if they are in a photo taken situation.

What can I do with Photo Privacy Realizer?

Photo Privacy Realizer (PPR) is an application based on the Privacy-Tag scheme for protecting OSN user's privacy. If an OSN user takes a photo using PPR, PPR detects and analyzes a Privacy-Tag which is being worn by the person. After that, the application anonymizes a face image of a person to depend on his/her privacy policy.

Also, they can maintain own community (e.g. private community, event community, fellow-mom community) each community-ID that is contained in a Privacy-Tag for a boundary of publishing users by a message and photo, it publishes the life-log safely and efficiently.

You can do following steps with PPR:

  1. Login to Facebook on Community Tab
  2. Activate your community using QR-code reader
  3. Select your friend as a community member
  4. Take a photo using PPR
  5. Transform the photo for protecting a person's privacy
  6. Post a message with transformed photo to your community on Facebook